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Minimalism for Web Design

As web design focuses more and more on good user experience, designers need to create the most usable and attractive websites possible. Carefully applied minimalist principles can help designers make attractive and effective websites with fewer elements, simplifying and improving users’ interactions. Minimalist websites simplify interfaces by removing unnecessary elements and paring down content that …

SVG for Designers


SVG matters to designers because it allows us to stay away from heavy graphic files and resolution hurdles. Regardless of the screen it is rendered on, an SVG will remain crisp and clean, with a shorter page loading time than a PNG or JPG. It is an ideal scenario in many aspects, but it does …

25 Most High-tech Cities in the World

25 Most High-tech Cities in the World

Looking for the high-tech cities for the future? Please have a look at the below list: 25. Washington, DC 24. Barcelona, Spain 23. Copenhagen, Denmark 22. Hong Kong, China 21. Berlin, Germany 20. Shenzhen, China 19. Bangalore, India 18. Montreal, Canada 17. Shanghai, China 16. Beijing, China 15. Amsterdam, the Netherlands 14. Vancouver, Canada 13. …